Medication overload!

I don’t quite take as many tablets as there are in the picture above, but almost!!!

A little bit over dosing my body up multiple times a day to combat the morning sickness and make sure my immune-deficient body gets all the vitamins it needs to ensure the baby will be healthy.

Currently on:

  • 2 x pregnancy vitamins a day (like horse pills!!)
  • 2 x vitamin d tablets a day (also the size of horse pills)
  • Maxolon several times a day, including right before bed
  • Zantac half an hour before I eat absolutely anything, also 2 before bed
  • Panadol sparingly

Panadol is mainly for some lower back pain I’ve been getting and some headaches, which is because my hair is really thick and currently way longer than I usually have it. It has routinely caused headaches for me when it reaches a certain length most of my life, Mum had the same problem with her hair growing up which is why she keeps hers short as I usually do. The headaches will hopefully get lost in approximately 2 weeks from today when I get my hair chopped off post-wedding – I absolutely cannot wait for this, have had to grow it out for the wedding and it’s been driving me nuts.

Isn’t pregnancy fun?

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