Point + Shoot: Bowling and Windscreens

The girls team – Anne, Sharon, myself & Mum

On Saturday morning, Adam and I joined the family at Maroubra Bowling Club for a round of barefoot bowling in celebration of Mum’s birthday.

A few of us have done barefoot bowling before through work, it’s a great corporate function / team event idea; but most like my Mum were new to the concept. Everyone’s familiar with the oldies in their pristine white outfits and little hats toting a bowling bag, but lawn bowls have gone mainstream with barefoot bowling. The basic premise? It’s lawn bowls with no shoes!

The boys team – Paul, Brendan, Adam, Dad & Jack (bowling)

We divided into two groups, boys vs. girls, although since there was a fair bit of sabotage from the boys (moving our bowls frequently, moving the jack waaaaay out of range & other attempts to win), we gave up in the end and just played for fun. And fun we had! Zara had a ball running around too.

If you look hard enough in the first photo, you can see my pregnant belly too – 5 months tomorrow, time is flying.

On Sunday, I headed out to watch my team play baseball. I’m still unable to play thanks to my cycling accident last year as well as being preggers to boot, but I still like to watch my team play every chance I get. We had a great win against the Jannali Comets and as I was driving off afterward, my windscreen started to crack – the car had taken a hit from a stray baseball ๐Ÿ™

I pulled over immediately and headed off to find Mum who scores our games, having never had a windscreen issue before, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Yay for calmness from my Mum and her sister Anne, who was watching the game with us. I rang Adam who told me exactly who I needed to calla and in what order.

Cue a call to NRMA and no on-hold time, YAY! They setup the claim on the spot, thankfully my insurance fully covers the windscreen and there was no excess or marks against my record since it wasn’t my fault. Then on hold for a while to Windscreens O’Brien who get the tender from NRMA, they had no windscreens for my model of car in stock so couldn’t come immediately, poo!

They did give me the option of driving to Seven Hills to their other workshop if I really wanted it done yesterday… but the cracks go more than halfway up the screen and it was moving it in the first place that caused it to crack as much as it did, you can just see some of the cracks in the photo. There was no way the car would make it that far intact, so we declined and asked for them to come today or whenever they could with my screen in stock. We then drove convoy style at 40 km/hr to my aunt’s where we could park it securely.

They gave me a call this morning and I asked them to call my Dad, seeing as I’m at work and all… so here’s hoping it will be fixed and my aunt has her parking back by this arvo ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclaimer: All photos were taken by my aunt Anne and her point/shoot camera! I totally forgot to take mine anywhere this weekend ๐Ÿ™

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Kate… the women’s team looks awesome. Can’t say the same about the boys team. You know, Women Rule, Men Drool!

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