Point + Shoot: Sunday mornings

This past weekend was the annual Sydney to Wollongong Bike Ride to raise money and awareness for MS.

Work had a small but dedicated team participating, so I stayed overnight at my parents in order to get up early in hopes of getting a glimpse as they rode through Rockdale. Unfortunately there were roughly ten thousand riders and a huge backlog, so I missed them. I did manage to hang around for roughly 50 minutes before being overcome by a major dizzy spell – another fun bit of pregnancy. I was so pale that the nearest policeman came rushing over to make me sit down worried I was going to faint, definitely felt like it!

But whilst I was there, I did enjoy watching all the cyclists, especially those who dressed up for the occasion. It makes me wish I was still able to ride, but unfortunately my wrist never recovered properly from my accident last year and there’s no way I’d risk riding whilst pregnant. In fact, I recently sold my road bike – I was sad to see my baby go. Hoping to get a bike that supports my wrist better next year after the baby arrives.

I then spent a lovely morning chatting with Mum and attending an antiques fair with my parents, as well as spending some time with my brother’s dog Angel (the black one) and more importantly, Hansel. We suspect he has cancer, he appears to be wasting away much like Gretel did last year. However, he is not showing any sign of being in pain and is his usual emo self, whining away at all hours, desperately happy for any attention he can get. Miss being away from him all the time!

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