Keeping cool at work

Mango chiller by kehkat
Mango chiller a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

It’s a warm Spring day here in Sydney, roughly 27°C with a high of 29°C in the CBD – probably worse where we live out west though.

And I was right, just checked the weather near home – 35.6°C currently. Better off at work in the blessed air conditioning… when it’s working properly. Our heritage wharves have the AC run by sea power, so they frequently screw up in summer. One upside is all the free ice cream though 😉

My new desk at work is right under the tin roof, so it really is noticeable when it’s hot out. So in order to cool down, I toddled off and bought myself a mango chiller, kind of like a mango slurpee but way yummier. I have also been craving these like crazy the past few weeks. At least it’s healthier than twisties!

How do you cool off at work?

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Phew, that sounds hot. Your drink looks delicious and you’re right, it’s perfect weather for a slushy!

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