Thank you Twilight!

So many years ago, there was an amazing show called Star Trek – not to mention 5 spinoff series and countless movies. Fans of such are often, quite derogatorily, referred to as Trekkies.

Fast forward 30 odd years and kids are enchanted by another phenomenon – Twilight. Once again, the old stereotypes rear their heads and fans are called Twihard’s. Whilst being derogatory, the fans, like Trekkies before them, have embraced the label and made it their own.

They have also made it cool to be a Trekkie again!

And if you look closely at the skinny young thing in the oversize security uniform in the front, you may recognise yours truly at the tender age of 19 😉

How hot was I back then?! That being said – thanks Twilight 😀

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I am slowly getting into Star Trek, watched all of Voyager, some of the original show and definitely want to see more

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