Christmas & other crap

Just been and done what I hope is the last of the shopping needed for Christmas!

We’re doing Christmas Day at my sister’s place, complete with a real tree and all the immediate family as well as her lovely mother-in-law & my little brother’s new girlfriend (yes he finally has one!!!).

My contributions will be:

  • waldorf salad – with grapes instead of sultanas, will provide sultanas for those that want them (*YUK!*) & using vanilla yoghurt instead of mayonnaise which is on the banned list during pregnancy
  • TRIFLE – complete with lashings of sherry, jam rolls, jelly, custard & cream, nom nom nom nom!
  • dip & veges – my go-to for parties & gatherings! Container of sour cream, mix in french onion soup mix to taste & provide cut-up veges to dip. We use celery, carrots and strips of cucumber – always a hit!

My main worry currently, is getting through the day without throwing up too much, damn morning sickness. Plus I am beginning to crave things, not strange stuff but just food things I know we have around the place. Take a look at last night’s menu for example:

  • leftover Uncle Ben’s mushroom rice with some sodastream cola
  • bits of jam roll as I made stage 1 of the trifles
  • about 6 bits of Don ham
  • red rock deli sea salt chips
  • an apple
  • frozen grapes
  • lemonade ice block

Most of that did make a reappearance and I had this crazy craving for the ham all night, I really just should have given in and eaten it!! What’s the craziest craving you’ve ever had?

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Condiment Girl

Mayo from a jar is fine during pregnancy. It’s just the homemade stuff with raw egg in it that is a no-no & any premade salad at the deli. Any supermarket shelf mayo – even ‘whole egg’ – is fine as it has been pasturised. Trust me it was the first thing I checked out when pregnant! Aside from S & W mayo I craved Dijon mustard most if the time when pregnant. It went into every sandwich & even in scrambled eggs. Mmmmm….

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