Embrace your inner Nana!

I’ve been getting really tired the past few weeks, especially mid to late afternoon and occasionally mid-morning to boot. Being almost 7 months pregnant, someone practising acrobatics in your tummy and a snoring hubby who steals your support pillows, doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

Work is the worst… right around 2-3pm, I find myself dropping off *a lot*, I hate to think what my colleagues think but I can’t exactly control it. Going for a walk, getting a drink, washing my face – all fairly useless, my body just wants to shut down at that time.

My Grandma, seen to the right here at her last Christmas in 2004, was a proponent of having a nap. Quite often she’d just nap where she was, without a care in the world and why not, at 90 years old (with 3 kids & 9 grandkids) she was entitled to it! When we were little, she’d make us have a nap after lunch, even if we only went to our room and stayed quiet for half hour to an hour. She probably just wanted the break from us at the time, but it isn’t a half bad idea, some entire countries shut down after lunch for a siesta – Australia should too!

So whilst I’ve been off the past few days, I’ve been embracing the nana nap!

On Sunday, I lay down for what I thought was only an hour or so around 10:30 and woke up 5 hours later – win! And again today, I lay down “just for a few minutes” whilst putting some linen away and was woken up by Adam when he got home from work. And you know what? I feel a lot better for it!

So embrace your inner nana and nap away 🙂

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Not knowing what normal really feels like, as a Momma, my kids nap because *I* need the rest. My thyroid started messing up when I was preggo with the first one, so I’ve been exhausted and ready to nap ever since. They are calling it excessive daytime sleepiness now that my thyroid is supposedly controlled, but I call it “Mommies need naps too!”
Oh, and my Mommy verified, she made us nap so she could have a break too. Apparently there are just somethings easier to do without kiddos in tow.

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