I’m a bad blogger

I’ve neglected my blogging over the last few days, just as I was getting into a regular sort of swing – sorry!

The return to work last week had me swamped as well as the pregnancy and morning sickness knocking me for six, so blogging has taken very much a back seat the past week. So over the next few days, don’t be surprised to see me backdating a few days and posting like crazy as I try to get back into the swing of things.

On the upside, I managed to avoid a stint in hospital that my OB has been threatening me with, which I am rather pleased about. Downside, the zofran I was prescribed just made me even more sick with the lovely side effects some of which are way tmi but involved long stints occupying the bathroom, the more cleaner ones were rashes and high temperatures. Needless to say I feel, and probably look like, utter crap right now.

Back to normal soon!

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