Maternity Leave Locked In!

Finally got off my butt and organised my maternity leave with work!

I am entitled to 12 weeks paid maternity leave plus there’s the government paid paternity leave of 18 weeks – all up I’ll be taking 7 months solid off work. Probably use some annual leave as well I need to burn in there somewhere. So looking like I’ll be off from the 1st of March, returning on the 1st of October. My OB has also been suggesting I go on early medical leave, so far I’ve been able to convince her I can keep going. If it comes to it, I can at least work from home for a few weeks; I’d go insane sitting on my butt at home doing nothing 🙁

It’s all becoming a reality rather fast, I’m 33 weeks today which means 6 and a bit left to go, if that! <panic mode>

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