The Phone Call

On Friday, lunchtime, I got the phone call we all dread in this stage of life.
“Hey, can you get out of work? I need to go to hospital”

Oh shit…..

First off, there is no can you, it’s a pure case of, I’m leaving.

There were a few quick things I needed to organise before I left, number one was getting my bag as I needed the keys, being up the road getting lunch and doing errands was bad timing to get the call.
But leave I did and met Kate at the car in our usual pick up spot when heading home, I drove to the hospital and we discussed what was happening.

The symptoms were not really of labour but Kate actually called the birth suite and told them how she was feeling so we had to head in for a check up.
Kate in hospital
All was good in the end, but it turns out 8 months worth of “morning sickness” that lasts all day has a toll on the body.
Dehydration, it stimulates contractions, makes you feel like crap and affects the blood pressure, bad things when the little human inside you is trying to cook away normally ready for a March appearance.

So, five bags of fluids later, a night in the hospital and all is looking nice and healthy again. The nausea is still with us for the long term, but the little one is staying inside for a while yet.

It was a practice run for the main event at least.


Ta for the photo you bum 😉

Had been having having mild contractions, blurred vision/spots, heart racing on and off, headaches, hot/cold since the night before as well as the usual throwing up. Colleagues in the end convinced me to call the hospital 🙂

Now to catch up on sleep!

[…] I was in hospital last weekend with high blood pressure and severe dehydration. I was experiencing a racing pulse, blurry vision, dizziness, hot and cold as well as a general feeling of being unsettled along with the usual throwing up and also some contractions. Called the birthing suite and they advised me to come in straight away, then my OB appeared and decided to run tests and admit me for fluids. You can more about that fun over on my husband’s blog! […]

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