Waiting rooms

This morning I had to head to St. George Hospital’s outpatient clinic for a followup consult on my gall bladder surgery.

I ended up dropping Sean off with Mum, seeing as he’s been pretty out of sorts the past few days, there was no reason to have him there and it could potentially have been hours of waiting, plus who knows what he could of picked up. And I was right in doing so! There were over 30 elderly patients as well as plenty of others of varying ages, a lot were coughing and all in different stages of recovery from things. Basically a disease factory for a small person, I utterly detest large waiting rooms!!

I almost panicked when I saw that my appointment time was merely a check-in time. There was a sign stating waiting times of 2 hours, eep! Thankfully I was seen within a few minutes!!!

The surgeon was most happy with my recovery and advised me to avoid fatty and spicy foods which isn’t a problem. My 4 different wounds where they went in will take a bit longer to heal and will be tender for another month or so easily, so I have to be careful carrying my little Sean-monster around in the baby bjorn for long periods. Otherwise I’m good!

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