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I’ve been a blogger in various forms since before 2000. I’ve been through Livejournal, Blogger, Typepad, Movable Type and WordPress, as well as a myriad of domains. My latest was http://undomestikated.com/, and prior to that, http://roogirl.com/.

Part of having a domain is about who you are and where you are with your life, it’s a pretty personal thing when you’re sitting here pouring your heart out to anyone and everyone who happens to read this.

Last year saw me marry someone who had been a friend for many years before it turned into something more and we recently had our first child together, for the first time in my life I am completely at peace with who I am and content. I have an amazing husband who adores me and a beautiful little miracle in our son Sean. Along with a fantastic family on both sides and our many friends, we have a support system like no other. We are incredibly blessed.

So in keeping with my life changes, I have decided to merge my husband’s and my blog’s into one domain that reflects where we are at with our lives. Over the next few weeks we will be moving some, if not all, of the posts over from our blogs. I am still undecided whether to backdate to our wedding, when we moved in together or when we started going out. Do you, my readers, have a preference or suggestion? For now, I will backdate to around our son’s birth. That seems fitting for now.

I am also looking into getting a proper design done for the blog, as a first-time Mum, I barely have time the time to think currently. If you have any suggestions for wordpress designers, let me know!

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