5 months old!

Sean – 5 months old

Hard to believe, but our little monster is 5 months old today!

Here is a rare sight of him asleep, he was awake less than 5 minutes after being transferred into his cot… little bugger šŸ˜‰

We still have an incredible battle trying to get him to sleep at any time. He is more than happy to sleep in someone’s arms, but the moment he is put down, bang he’s awake! It isn’t uncommon for him to last from 5am-midnight without even a catnap, I don’t know how he does it. We’re off to Tresillian in a few weeks, so here’s hoping they can help us out. We’re very much used to the sleep deprivation at this point, but I go back to work in a few months and we want him to self settle… at daycare he won’t have the attention he gets now.

We love our little boy so much though, despite the sleep issues. His smiles can just change our moods instantly and it’s hard to not share his enthusiasm for life. He is quite serious and doesn’t “talk” too much just yet but is quite the social little boy and can charm the pants off anyone.

He is still sporting his mullet that he was born with but his hair has finally started to fall out – as has mine eep! – and he has a large bald spot at the back as most bubs do at this age. He loves the TV and lights, he can spend all day staring at the nearest light or lamp. Playing with his Lamaze firefly and dinosaur are his thing right now, as well as grabbing at and sucking anything in reach…. usually Mummy’s hand or his clothes.

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

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