Cooks River Walk

Yesterday morning, with the temperature already at a warm 30°C, we set out to Steel Park in Sydney’s inner west. Upon arrival, we settled Sean into the mountain buggy and secured the sun cover. Upon covering ourselves liberally in sunscreen and meeting up with the Inner West 1WBT group, we were off!

Cooks River Route

Today’s walk took us along the Cooks River from Marrickville, towards Canterbury before turning back. Roughly 7-8km all told, it incorporated a shared pedestrian and cycling walkway, on-road and dirt track. Our MB handled all terrains beautifully… Whilst the mercury soared to 37°C, the effort required of us to push Sean along was almost non-existent.

Whilst we walked and chatted with the lovely ladies in our group, Sean happily slept and chatted to himself at different intervals, happy just to watch the world go by… After approximately 1.5 hours of walking, we arrived back at Steel Park, tired and sweaty in the summer heat. Sean meanwhile was cool as a cucumber, babies really do have it all 😉

Nearly 8km and 875 calories burnt, definitely a successful morning out!


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