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Something New by kehkat
Something New, a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

Sean has proven to be an extremely fussy eater. He is also classed as underweight for his age, he isn’t even at 8kg when many babies his age are around the 10-12kg mark already.

We have been on monthly visits to the clinic and the paedatrician since he was very young, work have been fantastic at allowing me to attend these thankfully. He is 10 months old yet at his last checkup a week or so back was still only 7.76kg, so is still scraping along the very bottom of the charts they use to track this stuff. Interestingly he has gone from the 50th to the 90th percentile for height!! So I think he will be tall and skinny like my brothers 🙂

Adam made a bunch of lasagnes from a 12WBT recipe on the weekend. We find these are fantastic for freezing and we can put all sorts of vegetables and the like in them. Whilst I was transferring the latest batch into containers for freezing today, there was a lot of mince left in the pyrex, so I decided to give it to Sean for his lunch!

So today Sean had mince for the first time without spitting it out as well as carrots which we had been holding off on due to my niece having some reactions as a bub (paediatrician had advised to leave it late in light of that). Also there were baby spinach and eggplant in the mince.

So a total departure from the smooth purees he is used to and he ate the lot, albeit in small spoonfuls but I’ll take what I can get.

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