A walk in the rain

Early on Sunday morning, I decided to take Sean for a walk despite how overcast it looked outside. Whilst we’re doing 12WBT, finding time for the exercise quotient when juggling work and a baby can be very hard, so I try and incorporate things with Sean as much as I can. Walking is one of these.

Whilst I was pregnant, I did a lot of research on different prams. We wanted something that was easy to handle and could go anywhere, which is important for me as with the cycling injury from 2010, I can no longer support more than 2-3kg with my left arm. My sister has a Mountain Buggy Urban Elite and Adam got an opportunity to try that out with Zara when we were at Sea World after our wedding last year, needless to say he was impressed and so we got a second hand Urban. The great thing about the MB’s, you can literally take them anywhere and it handles effortlessly, even if there is a large load of child and bits and pieces on board. I have found whatever I’ve got slung off and on the pram and in the storage area underneath doesn’t seem to matter when pushing – win!

Anyhow, enough about my pram 😉

Riverwood Wetlands

I headed up to the Wetlands in Riverwood, it’s a gorgeous park with a lovely big path that loops right around some gardens, play/picnic areas and a huge lake. There were plenty of other people out and about doing tai chi, running, exercises and the like. Of course it started to spit right before I got to the park but I’d gone out prepared and simply slipped the storm cover on as well as a rain jacket for myself and we kept going.

Sean was particularly excited by the ducks and about 20 pigeons that were perched along one of the fences around the lake. We did a loop and then decided to head home as the rain was getting a little heavier, I had originally planned to give him his breakfast there but we’ll do that another day.

Record of the walk

In the end, we had done 2.6km over 40 minutes in the rain… Not bad! 🙂

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