Sleepy vegemite by kehkat
Sleepy vegemite, a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

Can anyone look at a sleeping baby and not go “awww!”?

This little guy is the heart of our family and has stolen our hearts. Adam and I were a family before but Sean has completed us.

I am off on holidays at the moment whilst Sean’s daycare is closed. Adam was also home as he had his wisdom teeth out the other day and had a followup appointment this morning, which is why he is in this photo… sorta 😉

Sean had half a vegemite sandwich and some apple for lunch, he didn’t get through much of it before he fell asleep. But not before he had smeared the vegemite all over the highchair, his clothes and himself. Cleaning him presented a challenge, as did getting him out of the highchair without waking him. I was able though, to clean him up roughly with baby wipes before extricating him. I even managed to change his nappy and put his sleeping bag on – go my mad mummy skills!

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