Expenses with a baby

As parents, we are constantly finding ourselves either having to buy things for the baby or we see something and go ooo, we have to have that! Society isn’t wrong when they say babies are expensive.

Change jarThe list of necessities is endless… nappies, formula, new clothes to replace those destroyed at day care and our current biggest expense, snacks and food to try and get him to eat. Sean is at the age where he likes something one day but will refuse it the next and go on refusing it for weeks, so there goes that packet of cereal you bought or batch of food you made. Whilst we make a point of freezing everything (thank goodness for the trusty old chest freezer we acquired from my parents!!), the constant buying of either pre-packaged food or ingredients to make it ourselves, is taking its toll on us financially. Formula is the other big purchase item for us, as due to his weight problems, we can’t put Sean onto cow’s milk for probably another year (on our paediatrician’s advice). He is still on 4-5 feeds a day, so we’re going through it like nothing else.

It’s not that we can’t afford it, it’s just that at the moment to us it is as if we are just pouring it down the drain, constantly! When it comes to Sean, we will do whatever we have to as parents to keep him healthy.

We found we were constantly ‘nipping up to the shops’ to pick up some more formula or food for him, which led to other purchases and blew out our grocery budget.

One thing Adam does is keep this jar and empties his pockets into it each day. I have also taken to putting the coins from my pockets or the bottom of my handbag and adding them to the jar. We use this for anything we may need to buy quickly such as milk, formula or bread. What we mainly do though is, fill it up then take it up to the bank and deposit it into Sean’s account. It has the benefits of not carting around heavy coins in our wallets, which to me means I can buy something I don’t really need if I’m out and about; have something on hand for those emergencies when we have nothing in the house and we’re also investing in Sean’s future.

We are participating in the RAMS Loose Change Round-Up!


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