Substitute freezer bags

We try and make a lot of Sean’s food from scratch, especially as I have a fair amount of allergies and Sean seems to have gotten at least some of those, like my hyper-sensitive skin. So we have a lot of those freezer containers for baby food, but what do you do when they are all in use?

Leftover breastmilk bagsWe do have sandwich bags but I found they aren’t too good with liquids such as soup or breast milk… yup, I lost nearly 200mls one night when one split and yes I cried!!! After that, I invested in specialised bags for breast milk. If you scout around on ebay, you can get them for a steal! 😉

Our breastfeeding journey came to a close just after Christmas. I had been expressing several times a day at work, as well as breastfeeding when at home but my supply began to dwindle and with Sean teething, it wasn’t working well. So I have all these breast milk bags, as I bought them in bulk and you know what? They are absolutely PERFECT for freezing Sean’s food as well as reheating!

We made up a bulk lot of Mushroom & Basil Risotto a few weeks ago, an absolutely delicious 12WBT recipe by the way! We initially froze it and defrosted it for dinner yesterday with my Mum, who gave Sean bits of hers and he couldn’t get enough of it. There was a little bit left, so I decided I would freeze it in the breast milk bags which are the perfect size for one serving for my hungry little 1 yr old! Plus, it has a nifty section where I can write the date and what it is. The double seal also ensures it will stay fresh and not get freezer burn.

So now I have 2 extra meals in the freezer for Sean and used up 2 of my breast milk bags, yay! 🙂


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