85 *fistpump*

It’s currently week 6 of the current round of 12wbt, and the last few weeks have been up and down. Being a full time Mum again, birthdays and celebrations generally, numerous house guests etc… It’s been near impossible to stay on track.

However, with this morning’s weigh-in, I am now back on track and weighed in at 85kg. A number I haven’t really seen on the scales for many years. I attribute this mainly to mindset and my amazing groups of ladies who are on the same journey as me. This isn’t just to be skinny for us, big numbers aren’t the goal… It’s a lifestyle choice for myself and many others doing this, for Adam and I, it’s for Sean. So we be around to keep up with him and enjoy his life, experiencing everything we can with him.

I know we were eating not so well the past few weeks and the past week or so, we’ve made better choices and JFDI!

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