The Aussie Blogosphere 2013

The wrap up slide from the “State of the Aussie Blogosphere” panel discussion, featuring Darren Rowse from Problogger, David Lee from Nuffnang, Eden Riley from Edenland and moderated by Nikki Parkinson’s from Styling You:

1. The Australian blogosphere has matured, yet it’s still pioneering.
2. The gap between Australia and the US is closing.
3. The opinion of bloggers is being increasingly valued in mainstream media.
4. Bloggers need to be consistent to grow a readership.
5. Bloggers need to look at embracing other social media around their blog.
6. Brands are paying more attention – and paying – more bloggers. With that attention comes a need to self regulate when it comes to disclosing their commercial relationships.
7. Australian bloggers are looking at diverse income streams to build their blogging business.
8. All kinds of blogging niches are making successful business models from their blog.
9. A blog is an ideal platform from which to grow a writing profile.
10. It’s not too late to start a blog.

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