Toddler Craft Ideas: Leaf rubbings

Toddler craft ideas: leaf rubbings

Toddler Craft Ideas: leaf rubbings are a great and generally mess-free activity.

It was pretty cool today, so we had originally planned to do some painting inside until we were watching Play School earlier this morning.

They were getting different leaves and seeds, then using crayons on paper to make rubbings of them, so Sean decided he wanted to try that instead. He was quite excited at the prospect of a garden expedition, it was quite the adventure.

Out into the garden we went to gather some rosemary, parsley, cammellia, ivy and other assorted leaves. Then back inside to setup our table with a box of crayons, some paper and the leaves.

It was a bit difficult for Sean at 3 to hold the paper and rub over the leaves at the same time, so I would recommend some adult or other assistance with this activity.

Toddler craft ideas: leaf rubbings

My three-year-old rubbing over leaves with crayons.

What do I need?

  • Leaves, twigs, bits of plants or other items found in the garden.
  • Paper.
  • Round crayons (for rolling) with the paper removed.
  • A flat surface to place everything on.

A great time was had until Sean ate the parsley, closely followed by bits of the rosemary. He still did well though and we lasted close to 40 minutes before he grew bored of it all.

We’ll definitely be doing this one again, great for extending to other things for toddler craft ideas such as coins or combs and other household objects.

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