Look what we made!


Apologies, we’ve been a bit quiet for the past while… The big reason? This darling little bundle of joy!

Our daughter Erin was born on the 5th of May after a difficult pregnancy, yup hyperemesis gravidarum struck again along with some other issues. The pregnancy, along with wrangling Sean and both of us working full-time (I’m a social media manager and Adam works with voice data systems) meant we had little time for much else. We’re very happy, now extra busy but things are slowly settling down.

I won’t go into the details of the pregnancy and birth for now, suffice to say we are glad it’s over and the end experience was a lot better than Sean’s birth. And yes, Erin also does not sleep much, just like her big brother Sean – she’s just a whole new ballgame in comparison, but at least we were prepared somewhat for that possibility. It does mean that we have limited visitors as we’re usually walking zombies and we’re still not yet 100% postnatal healthwise, but we’re well on the way.

Sean absolutely adores his baby sister and has adjusted really nicely to having to share Mummy and Daddy. We’re very proud of him!

So expect us to return to blogging over the coming weeks, along with the obligatory “baby spam”.

Here’s one more to tide you over…


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