When Mums go wild…

…over Bonds zippies!

Starting today, Aldi have one of their ever popular baby sales on this week. This time round, they have included Bonds Zippy Wondersuits for a fraction of their usual price.

Bonds Zippy Wondersuits on sale at Aldi - 22/7/15.

Bonds Zippy Wondersuits on sale at Aldi – 22/7/15.

Bonds are often on sale via their direct website as well as through Target and Big W, but $10 for a wondersuit will fill most Aussie mums with excitement – it makes them very affordable.

But there’s something about printed editions of the Wondersuits that tend to send some parents nuts. For example, the white editions of the confetti zippy were reportedly going in the hundreds on eBay, being snatched up all over the world by eager parents. Personally I shudder at the thought of either of my little darlings wearing white, even covered in coloured spots, they would just get dirty as my kids are well… KIDS!

Bonds unicorn zippyBonds dinosaur zippy

This time round, it would appear that the above two prints are sending Mums into a tizzy all over Australia – dinosaur and unicorn.

These were the selections available today at Aldi, along with striped options in pink/white, lime green/white and blue/white. Apparently many Aldi’s were stripped of stock shortly after opening, only to later appear on eBay with the prices jacked up and in some cases, going for really ridiculous amounts!

Bonds zippy on ebay Bonds zippy on ebayAcross social media, Mums are all in a flap. There are stories of people having wondersuits ripped out of their hands and the hands of their children, as well as just hordes of people descending upon Aldi stores all over the country and buying up everything.

I must confess I also went to Aldi this morning but saw none of the above behaviour, though I’ve certainly seen it before with the fitness gear for example in the past. My parents joined me for the morning – we had breakfast afterwards and they helped me wrangle our two kids, thank you Mum for the trolley to keep Sean contained!! – and our local store was doing a reasonable trade just after 9am but not chockers. There weren’t many wondersuits left, but those I saw being bought appeared to be other parents just like me wanting things for their own children.

My haul of dinosaur zippies!

My haul of dinosaur zippies!

I managed to get two of the fabled dinosaur zippies which I was happy about, our son loves dinosaurs and we’re not trying to stereotype Erin by dressing her in pink all the time. And little known fact, girls can like dinosaurs too *shock horror*.

bonds zippy wondersuits

My total wondersuit haul from Aldi.

Actually, I was a bad mummy clearly and ignored the pink stuff entirely and went for a blue and a green suit as well to put away for Erin.

Other stuff I bought at Aldi if you’re that interested:

  • baby singlets in 00
  • a2 milk
  • cleaning disc thingies for our loo – citrus is all the rage don’t you know
  • sangenic cassettes for our nappy bin

So my day was totally exciting, how was yours? πŸ™‚


This is totally crazy

I can’t believe these woman are trying to sell 10 dollar jumpsuits for crazy amounts of money!!
I never got a jump suit at aldi because by the time I got there one lady had bought the whole bonds section out!
I messaged a lady on eBay who was trying to sell one jumpsuit for 600 dollars asking if she had a receipt for her purchase and that it’s a 10 dollar jumpsuit
Sadly a lot of mothers missed out
Hopefully I can find a jumpsuit somewhere else

It’s crazy isn’t it?

I’m very happy that I managed to get what I did, our 3 year old is ecstatic his sister will be wearing dinosaurs. They’ll also be passed on to a lovely little boy born last week after Erin’s done with them, so two little kids will get good wear out of them.

Hope you manage to find one! There’s a group on Facebook where Mums are swapping them if that helps any?

Rachel Stewart

Whaaaatttt?! That’s just crazy. And seriously people need to chill out – they’re just wondesuits, it’s not worth being aggressive over. Though good work picking up a few bargains!

Yup, totally crazy! And you know us, we will be using them on Erin as they aren’t pink πŸ˜‰

haha, surely you should be selling them! Could feed your family for a year. lol. How bizarre that people would go that nuts over a bonds wondersuit?

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