Preschool at home: Lions

Sean learning to trace the word "lion".

Sean learning to trace the word “lion”.

A thousand years ago, I trained as an early childhood teacher at TAFE and Uni, but ended up leaving uni when I found I was more interested in computers (and the uni bar, oops!) and not paying attention to my studies. Regardless, it’s still one of my passions and now that I have two small ones of my own, a good way to put those skills to use.

Whilst I’m on maternity leave, we’ve reduced Sean’s kindy days down from 4 days to just 2. Enough for me to get a break and for him to still get the benefit of going. So while he is at home with me, we’ve been focussing on learning a lot more and doing things like going to the Australian Museum tiny tots days and story time at the local library.

Last week, we learned about lions – his choice!

Creating the worksheets.

Creating the worksheets on the PC.

Sean has been expressing an interest in letters, we’ve been working on his name for a while now. They are tracing letters at kindy, so I hunted around for the NSW foundation fonts online firstly.

I came across the site, Australian School Fonts, which has the school fonts for every state and territory in Australia. You can buy bundles or fonts individually. The one I purchased was “NSW Manuscript GT-Dot v2.1”, which as you can see is absolutely perfect for tracing and it was only $11!

I also found a few pictures of lions online to print out for colouring.

Other things we used were our Duplo and Little People lions, and we read a golden book – “Tawny Scrawny Lion”. With the toys, we did a few simple maths activities, such as counting and subtraction which Sean loved.

With the letter tracing, we also worked on our pencil grip and talked about the letters of the alphabet. We used our easel as well to draw and write the letters in chalk.

Overall, this was a successful week of learning but the activities did have to be broken up and of no more than 10-20 minutes in length. Even though Sean is a bright and curious three-year-old, he still isn’t old enough to sit still long enough. However, he enjoyed and participated in everything I setup for him. So we’ll be doing this again soon, possibly around another theme such as a season, animals or something he likes.

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Minnie L Douglas

Hi there. Your kids are so darling! Those early childhood years are so precious that I’m so thankful that I took many pictures and made a lot of great memories! thanks for sharing

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