Cooking Adventures

Saturday breakfast

Banana smoothie by kehkat
Banana smoothie a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

I’ve had a bit of a craving for smoothies of late, so figured I’d give one a go since I had some bananas I wasn’t trying to make go black for banana bread.

– A2 full cream milk
– A2 natural yoghurt
– 1 banana
– copious amounts of honey

Mixed together in my blender inherited from Grandma, which is rather quite noisy but does the job. The results? YUM!

Really quite quick and easy to put together, the hardest part was cutting up the banana. So not that hard at all!

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Gluten-free biscuits w/ smarties

I am a huge fan of this recipe from kidspot.

I have successfully made it gluten-free a few times now, so I’m happy to experiment a little with what goes in it.

We had a bunch of the small packets of smarties leftover from showbags at Easter – we don’t eat much chocolate as I’m allergic to dairy as well, so it seemed like a good opportunity to use them since I was out of choc chips.

I substituted normal self-raising for Aldi’s Has No self-raising flour and added some xanthum gum to pad it out. I also had to add 2 extra eggs to bind it all. Everything else is as the recipe recommends.

The verdict from Adam: yum!

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Baking day!

We’re off up to the Blue Mountains this evening to have dinner with our close friends Kelly & Aaron and Elsie & Dick. It’s a mite bit cold to be taking baby Liam out since he hasn’t been well of late, so we’ll be having dinner at Az & Kel’s. Probably pizza!

So I’ve made up two gluten/dairy/nut free chocolate mud cakes and plan to layer them with whipped light cream in the middle. I am currently experimenting with this recipe from kidspot, using White Wings gluten-free self-raising flour and xanthum gum. I also added in a little more egg and butter since it was extremely dry.

Want to see how I’m going? Check out the photos over on Facebook!

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Fruit & Veges delivered

We received the above box of yummy-looking fruit and vegetables yesterday, from Aussie Farmers Direct.

We’ve been meaning to look into getting fruit and vegetables delivered for quite some time, there are a number of great options out there. Adam and I have been unimpressed by the selection and quality of such at our local supermarkets, not to mention the staggering costs to boot. We are time poor as well, both working hectic schedules which sometimes involve a fair amount of travel. Add in planning the wedding, attempting to study, gym and doing the many other things we love to do, we find it hard to find the time for a good weekly shop. Instead we find ourselves stuck with quick trips to the supermarket where we usually walk out with more than we intended to and not what we needed.

So, when a gentleman from Aussie Farmers Direct came to the door a few weeks ago, we decided to give them a burl. The above “couples box” cost us only $25 and is supposed to last us a fortnight, but I suspect it will be gone in under a week since we have dropped a lot of processed and other bad foods out of our diet. We’ll see how we go!

In this weeks box we got, along with a few extras I can’t remember:

  • 2 x pink lady apples
  • 2 x royal gala apples
  • 4 x mandarins
  • 2 x oranges
  • 2 x green pears
  • 1 x brown pear
  • 1 x pineapple
  • 1 x broccoli
  • 1 x green capsicum
  • 3 x carrots
  • 1 x desiree chat potatoes (1kg bag)
  • 1 x mint (bunch)
  • 3 x brown onions
  • 2 x tomatoes
  • 1 x baby wombok (looks like some kind of cabbage?)
  • 1 x turnip

It’s not just fruit and veges you can get from them either, we also ordered some bacon, meat and eggs. They have an extensive range of meat, deli items and cereal, along with the all important bread and milk. We had some of the bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, they were delicious! The box also came with a newsletter, some recipes and information about some of the products.

Unfortunately we cannot take advantage of the bread and milk with my allergies, they don’t currently stock gluten-free bread or A2 milk, so we’ll occasionally need to head to the supermarket. We’ve already put in our order for next week and upgraded to a family box for $35. Should the boxes not suit, you can choose items individually, but so far we’re liking the idea of the challenge of planning dinners around what surprises turn up.

Adam was on leave today, so he has put together in the slow cooker the 4 lamb shanks we got along with some of the vegetables with some stock and red wine. Looking forward to seeing how they all taste!

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