My week

It’s been incredibly busy for me this week!

Work’s been chaotic with people away and projects launching, it’s the final week of my current semester of university so assignments galore, getting ready for the new semester beginning next week – I study via correspondence, bidding farewell to people, welcoming new ones, getting ready for Mum and Dad to go on holidays – I get to babysit all the animals yay.

So here’s just a few images from my week:

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The Queen Victoria

I was cycling through Circular Quay on my way to work this morning – and usually I don’t give the cruise ships that plonk at the overseas passenger terminal or over near work a second glance – but I happened to notice that the Queen Victoria was in.

Everyone will no doubt remember the media hype when the Queen Mary 2 (QM2) was in a few years ago and again when the QE2 stopped by in Sydney last year on it’s final voyage. These ships are in a class of their own, totally different to the myriad of cruise and party ships out there, the Cunard line embody the elegance of the ships of yesteryear that noone else seems to be able to capture. I’d love to take a trip on one someday!

So here are a few of my photos of the Queen Victoria and from my ride to work…

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I have wheels!

Well kinda…

My sister has let me use her bike whenever I want, which is good as I like to go to my Grandma’s. Having a bike will make things easier! If the rain has cleared tomorrow, I’ll take it out for a spin. My sister even lent her helmet and bike gloves to me!

Looking forward to getting out a bit more, specially if it’s a nice day tomorrow, I can bike down to the plaza and do some shopping for Mum. They have bike parking there which is handy 🙂

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