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Preschool at home: Lions

Sean learning to trace the word "lion".

Sean learning to trace the word “lion”.

A thousand years ago, I trained as an early childhood teacher at TAFE and Uni, but ended up leaving uni when I found I was more interested in computers (and the uni bar, oops!) and not paying attention to my studies. Regardless, it’s still one of my passions and now that I have two small ones of my own, a good way to put those skills to use.

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Toddler Craft Ideas: Leaf rubbings

Toddler craft ideas: leaf rubbings

Toddler Craft Ideas: leaf rubbings are a great and generally mess-free activity.

It was pretty cool today, so we had originally planned to do some painting inside until we were watching Play School earlier this morning.

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Sean’s 1st Birthday Party

What a wet and windy day!!! We really couldn’t have had worse weather at all for our son’s first birthday.

Blowing out the candles

We have a small house but we do have a nice big carport, so we put up our pergola we got from Aldi ages ago and the tarp we got from Bunnings during the week, and together people were able to huddle together out of the rain for the most part. And despite the weather, people had an absolutely amazing time!

We had roughly 30-40 adults and about 15 kids ranging from a week or so old to over 10. Most of the little ones stayed inside with Sean’s toys, whilst the older ones braved the breaks in the rain to play on the swings that Sean got from his grandparents.

Adam’s parents both came up from Tasmania over Sean’s birthday, and members of both sides of our families and our closest friends joined us to celebrate.

The cakes

Some thank yous for the amazing cakes:

The cake itself was made from 2 cake mixes by myself, my aunt Anne stuck them together with raspberry jam and whipped cream and Adam’s Mum made the icing, then Anne stuck all the smarties on! The cupcakes were just a red velvet cupcake mix from Aldi with Very Hungry Caterpillar patty pans and toppers that I got from eBay. Adam’s Mum also made some amazing VHC bunting but they deserve a post of their own, we plan to use them in his bedroom.


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A fantastic day and Sean was thoroughly spoilt. Thank you so much to all our family and friends xx


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