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Friday Five – 13/12/03

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?

Since I live in Australia, the coldest it gets is if it rains, then it’s usually humid. Xmas here falls in the middle of summer! We get bush fires though?

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect?

at home, no work, with my family.

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions?


Anne (my aunt), brings over croissants for brekkie and Grandma comes too, we have a champagne breakfast. Then we open pressies and avoid Dad who likes to direct who opens what and usually has a camera handy.

After pressies, we prepare for lunch which is usually salads and cold meats, followed by pudding, ambrosia and cold fruit. After lunch we hit Nana’s, we get custard tarts and trifle there! Also, we go to my Mum’s cousins place where all my Gran’s family is gathered, where we ignore our cousins 🙂

4. Do you do anything to help the needy?

I buy the Smith Family Xmas album…

5. What one gift would you like for yourself?

hmmm… Don’t really need/want anything, except to win lotto! 😉

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