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Substitute freezer bags

We try and make a lot of Sean’s food from scratch, especially as I have a fair amount of allergies and Sean seems to have gotten at least some of those, like my hyper-sensitive skin. So we have a lot of those freezer containers for baby food, but what do you do when they are all in use?

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A Winter Warmer for Mummy

Sean rugged up against the winter cold.

The temperature has really dropped in Sydney over the past week, causing us to reach for the ugg boots and ramp the heaters up to maximum. I’ve been dressing my 4-month-old in everything I can put my hands on, for the occasion above over the weekend, he was dressed in no less than 6 layers!

But during the colder months, it’s not all about my baby, I have to keep myself warm too. No one wants a sick mummy now do they? But with a small baby on my hands, “me time” is incredibly rare. As a first time Mum, I’m struggling with feeds, nappy changes, crying as well as the mountains of laundry and other household chores that vie for my precious attention. Needless to say, it isn’t hard for me to get to dinnertime without having had more than a cup of tea or a biccy!

One staple of winter cuisine is soup! With as time-poor as I am currently, I found myself staring at the cuppa soups in the supermarket but left empty-handed. Is it just me or are most cuppa soup mixes disgusting? I hate the powdery taste; and whilst they are great for quick meals at work or on the go, they always have gluggy bits at the bottom of your mug and when you bite into a lump of mix that didn’t quite dissolve, YUK!

Heinz has taken this on board and have come up with “Squeeze & Stir”, which include some of their classic soups with a modern twist in easy to use individual serve sachets.

Being a lovely winters day of rain, wind and 8C, it was perfect soup weather today! Coupled with an extremely unsettled baby who hadn’t slept since he got up just before 7am, I was intrigued by the apparent ease of the Heinz sachets, so dinner they became!

According to the packet, the soup can be made in 4 easy steps, so I switched on the kettle…

Step 1. Tear pack & squeeze into mug.

Step 2. Add boiling water (50ml) to cover paste & stir.

Step 3. Add a further 130ml of boiling water.

Step 4. Stir & enjoy.

And enjoy I did!


  • tastes like normal soup, not powdered stuff.
  • the easy tear opening which opens from the back to form a spout for pouring = no mess!
  • baby bottles make great water measures.


  • the ripe tomato & vegetable had a bit too much of a capsicum taste for me, but I utterly detest capsicum, so it’s probably just me.
  • not having my camera batteries charged so had to resort to my mobile phone.
  • I wanted more!

Aside from the two flavours I tried (rich tomato with basil and ripe tomato & vegetable), they also come in mediterranean vegetable and big red. Made from real tomatoes, they definitely have all the taste of their canned cousins and at $1.25 each, quite reasonable for a snack or quick meal.

Disclaimer: This is a Product Talk by Nuffnang post. I wasn’t paid and received samples of the product purely for review purposes only. All opinions here are my own and not that of others!


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