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So you’ve discovered undomestiKated, but how do you know when to visit the blog or to see what I’ve been up to?

Well there are a few options!

  • Facebook – undomestiKated now has it’s own page, so go ahead and “like” it. (link here).
  • Twitter – I ummed and ahhed about Twitter and whether to have two accounts but it’s just so hardย  for me to maintain with everything else going on. I have had an account for quite some time, but I keep it private, so just send me a follow request! ๐Ÿ™‚ (link here).
  • Flickr – I have had a Flickr account for a number of years, I love it so much that it’s actually my job. Feel free to add me as a contact, I love looking at people’s snapshots! (link here).


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– Laptop is now back in working order. It was a simple keyboard replacement, and looks like I can upgrade the hdd and ram for under $500.

– Got the shift from hell today. Have had absolutely no reply from my boss as to whether shifts have been modified at all, so I’m going in blind tomorrow, fully expecting I will have to stay awake for over 24hrs.

– Tandoori chicken wraps with salad rox!

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Just had a call from the place where my laptop is going. Provided they have the part in stock, they can replace it on the spot. It will cost $154+ GST as it’s out of warranty. I am so happy right now, my laptop is my baby and I’m incredibly protective of it. I use it for both work and uni, often using it at home as well, instead of my desktop, despite the desktop being more powerful.

Have also asked Mum to enquire about getting it serviced, and about upgrades to it. If they can upgrade the ram, cpu and hdd for a reasonable price, I’d have no real reason to buy a new laptop. New one would cost 2.5-3k, which I’d spend as I need it, but if upgrading is a cheaper option, why not. There is nothing wrong with it as is, just needs a little juicing up. I am off work for like a week in October, due to my mates wedding and such, so I could get it done then!

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Laptop on Holiday

Well, Mum has taken off with my laptop today. She will drop it off at the service centre, on her way home I guess. Maybe they can do it straight away, and she can bring it home tonight!

Deleted all my mp3’s off just in case… Hoping it doesn’t cost the earth to repair!

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@#$%$^#%^#% Anger ^#$^##@$@#!@!

Really angry right now!

Someone has smashed 2 keys on my laptop – Q and 2. The 3 key is shonky. Means an entire keyboard replacement. Even after the great coffee debacle, it was still useable, now it’s useless. Being a Toshiba, it has to go to a proper service centre and will cost $$ ๐Ÿ™

Most of the service centres are away from train stations, or over at North Sydney. And I totally don’t feel like going there when I’m not working. Found this place on the Toshiba Australia site (thanks Ben for finding that btw!). Mum works near there, so can take it over tomorrow. Just faxed the paper work off to them, and all Mum has to do is deliver it with the originals (took photocopies) tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to replace it, or I’m borrowing Dad’s laptop for the weekend at work. I am fairly sure it’s out of warranty by now, being a year and 4-5 months old, but never know!

Lesson for today: Never leave your laptop at work when you go home ><

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