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Post-needles fun

This has been our existence pretty much since Sean had his needles on Tuesday! It’s seriously doing our heads in!

The poor little guy screamed pretty badly then held his breath until he couldn’t after each needle. I couldn’t bear to watch, bad enough I could hear, I seriously thought my heart would rip in two it was that rending. My Mum came with me thankfully and was able to hold him still and give him snuggles afterward. My absolute worst phobia is needles, even when it isn’t meant for me, just the knowledge there’s one in the room does me in. Mum on the other hand is an expert at handling me and needles and was more than happy to come along and help out, plus she got extra time with Sean 🙂

Since the needles, he has had high temperatures and is definitely unsettled. Screaming, whinging, crying, not wanting to sleep! We gave in and he’s been sleeping with us if it’s evident he won’t go down in the bassinette, not worth the battle when he is obviously out of sorts. So far his temp hasn’t gone above 38.8, Mum said 39 was hospital time. We’ve been cooling him down when needed and giving him lots and lots of extra snuggling.

Here’s hoping this passes soon!

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6-8wk Checkup

Sean had his 6-8 week checkup with the nurses at the local clinic yesterday and is doing well. He will be 8 weeks old this coming Friday.

Current stats:

  • 4.38kg (up from 3.198kg at birth)
  • 54cm in length (up from 49cm at birth)
  • head circumference is 38cm (up from 35cm at birth)

He’s still below the 25th percentile for weight-for-age, but Zara was also quite petite and didn’t stack on the weight, so we’re not too worried. He’s healthy and gaining slowly but steadily. In regards to his length, he’s up around the 75th percentile! He was born with extremely long fingers and toes, so we’re hoping he takes after his 6ft+ twin uncles in the height department. He hovers around the 25th percentile for head circumference. All in all, we’re quite happy with his progress considering.

Sean is mostly breastfed with formula topups where needed, I’m on motilium currently to help with my supply as well as taking fenugreek and blessed thistle. I am also enjoying lactation cookies – basically normal biscuits with some brewer’s yeast and flax meal mixed through to help promote milk production. We also receive weekly help from the local clinic where 2 of the nurses are lactation consultants, as well as the ones at Possum Cottage. I can also call the ABA or my midwife at Navy Health whenever I want, as well as my Mum, mother-in-law, sister, many friends who’ve had kids (many of whom are the same age as Sean – go team MM) – so I’m not lacking in the support department and Adam is entirely supportive of my wanting to breastfeed as much as I possibly can.

We’re heading out in a few minutes to get his first lot of needles, I hope it’s not as traumatic for him as they are for me – needles are my worst phobia. Mum is coming with, so I’ll probably get her to hold him so he doesn’t pick up on my stress… Just the sight of a needle even if it’s not meant for me, drives me over the edge!

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Baby Update

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for us!

I was in hospital last weekend with high blood pressure and severe dehydration. I was experiencing a racing pulse, blurry vision, dizziness, hot and cold as well as a general feeling of being unsettled along with the usual throwing up and also some contractions. Called the birthing suite and they advised me to come in straight away, then my OB appeared and decided to run tests and admit me for fluids. You can read more about that fun over on my husband’s blog!

He took the photo to the right whilst I was in the birthing suite, looking really impressed as you can tell.

I moved to working from home as the symptoms continued most of this week, even walking to the clothesline a few metres from our backdoor is too much for me at times. So very thankful my managers and workplace are so understanding and they have been thoroughly supportive throughout this whole pregnancy; I know it hasn’t been easy for them having me out of action a lot of the time.

Fast forward to this past Friday and our latest OB visit, oh we’re 36.5 weeks now too! Anyhow, baby is still quite happy and healthy, measuring 3 weeks odd ahead and throwing parties all the time inside my tummy. My OB however is more concerned about me right now… apparently the tests she had done last week show my liver enzymes being up and my kidneys are showing the strain of the last 8.5 months and basically going on strike… yay.

We’ll see how this week progresses…

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Embrace your inner Nana!

I’ve been getting really tired the past few weeks, especially mid to late afternoon and occasionally mid-morning to boot. Being almost 7 months pregnant, someone practising acrobatics in your tummy and a snoring hubby who steals your support pillows, doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

Work is the worst… right around 2-3pm, I find myself dropping off *a lot*, I hate to think what my colleagues think but I can’t exactly control it. Going for a walk, getting a drink, washing my face – all fairly useless, my body just wants to shut down at that time.

My Grandma, seen to the right here at her last Christmas in 2004, was a proponent of having a nap. Quite often she’d just nap where she was, without a care in the world and why not, at 90 years old (with 3 kids & 9 grandkids) she was entitled to it! When we were little, she’d make us have a nap after lunch, even if we only went to our room and stayed quiet for half hour to an hour. She probably just wanted the break from us at the time, but it isn’t a half bad idea, some entire countries shut down after lunch for a siesta – Australia should too!

So whilst I’ve been off the past few days, I’ve been embracing the nana nap!

On Sunday, I lay down for what I thought was only an hour or so around 10:30 and woke up 5 hours later – win! And again today, I lay down “just for a few minutes” whilst putting some linen away and was woken up by Adam when he got home from work. And you know what? I feel a lot better for it!

So embrace your inner nana and nap away 🙂

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Decaf December

Coffee in Tas by kehkat
Coffee in Tas a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

No I’m not going nuts, you read the title correctly – during December I am going to give up caffeine!

Decaf December is an initiative being spearheaded by Melissa of Suger Coat It. The idea is to kick your caffeine habit for the month of December and hopefully emerge on the other side, refreshed and sans caffeine… I can do it right?

One of my passions is coffee, I love it and revel in it. Pre-pregnancy, I was averaging 3 or so per day, starting with that all important double shot cappucino as soon as I got to work. Even when I found out I was pregnant 5.5 months ago, I just haven’t been able give up my coffee completely. Mind you, I have been good and cut right back, down to 1 per day and occasionally 2 when I’m really tired but I still have to have that hit every morning or I just can’t function properly.

So I have been sitting here this morning, had just had a shower and getting ready to babysit a very active but incredibly cute 8mth old for the day and thinking about that first cup… Then I saw the tweet from Melissa about Decaf December and thought, surely I could do that too? I mean, it’s healthier for the baby at the very least right?

So here it is! I will do my best to give up caffeine for the month of December… I mean there’s only a major house move in the next few days, university started up this week, I’m nearly 6 months pregnant and then there’s the stress of work and Christmas… Let’s see how I go 😉

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