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That’s right, I have a weekend off for the first time in forever!

I stayed up til after lunch yesterday, then crashed til about 9ish, didn’t get any real sleep. Then got up and ordered a pizza and opened a bottle of red from my Hunter trip. Mum and I enjoyed that! Went back to bed round 4, but gave up at 6. Dragged my bedding into the loungeroom and watched St. Elmo’s Fire on dvd. Good movie.

Today, haven’t done much as people are moving around here. Might go out later… So nice to just relax!

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Busy Week Ahead…

Going to be a very busy week ahead…

I am working through until Friday morning. The extra long shift is almost over! I did manage to scam working from home on Thursday and Friday nights, but I might as well have gone into work. I am looking forward to sleeping a lot this coming weekend, and spending time with my friends and family.

Thursday night, I had a baseball presentation night. They finally gave us our jackets! We have only been asking for them since the beginning of March… Better late than never, and although cheaply made, they are still jackets. Much beer was drunk and fun had. We also handed over our money and signed registration forms for summer! I can’t believe that this is my 5th season playing, it has gone by so fast. We lost today, so we won’t make the semi’s even if we do win next weeks game. But that’s ok, I get to play next week and we can just relax and have fun.

Friday night, I went to the annual dinner for my church. It was an xmas in july theme. I and 2 others were the only ones under 30 there… But it was still a good night, except for the reindeer race when I decided to go without shoes. Socks on a wooden floor = spectacular stack in front of 200 odd people! My wrist is still a bit sore, but putting ice on it straight after helped a lot. Was supposed to go to a mate’s bday afterwards, but it was almost midnight by that time and I was in pain from my wrist. So it was home to bum around and watch eps of the Bill I have missed and keep the phone nearby in case work called. I should note I did do some work too!

Back to work Saturday night, at work right now being Sunday night. Working all this week. Have baseball training and such. Today when I get home, I’m hoping to take the rodents out for a walk. Angel is being boarded during the week, as I’m asleep and cannot guarantee Gretel and Hansel’s safety. On Saturday, Paul and Liz are moving out with Angel and Angus, so that will be a huge relief. I’ll be sad to see her go, but not sad to see a possible threat removed from Gretel and Hansel. Gretel has had 2 throat attacks and one attack on her head since the beginning of June. The 2 throat attacks landed her in the vets for a week apiece and the head gave her some lovely stitches and scars.

Grandma is also possibly coming home tonight, so I will try and be on hand for Mum if needed. Might get Gran some groceries on my way home, as she’s been in a home for respite care for several months. Of course this means now everyone is back on alert in case something happens to her, but oh well. She turns 90 in a few weeks, so I have to get a powerpoint thingy done for her party. I hope she will be well enough to be there for it!

Paul and Liz are moving out this Saturday, and Sharon is moving back in for a few months. It will be a hectic day. I think I might see what my mates are up to and head out for the day. I cannot carry anything because of my back and arms, so I’d be useless! It will be interesting as she’s been gone for over 6 months, and I’m used to her being away. But she will probably spend most of her time at her bf Jack’s place.

Anyhow, time to get back to work…

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