Time flies when you have a kid

Easter, that wonderful time of year when we get an extra long weekend to do so much with that we don’t know what to do with ourselves….

Until you have one of these 🙂

Easter Sean

It truly is amazing how much time gets sucked into the vortex of a new baby. You wake up at 6 am to do the morning feed and before you’ve had your first coffee of the day and cooked a piece of toast that goes half eaten, it’s 3 pm.

We’ve done nothing this long weekend, it’s been hands on Sean the whole time. he’s unsettled all the time and very whingy if you put him down for longer then 10 seconds.

So it’s lots of cuddle times and constant feeding, but he is now 6 weeks old, and the growth spurts are happening. My little man has put on quite a bit of length in this short space of time.

It’s a lot of joy and a lot of frustration, and a bit if a laugh too.

How do you know if your son has a full nappy? when the shit stain is spreading across his chest and it squirts up the front of his nappy!!! my god the kid had some in him.

That was a straight to the shower job for the clean up, almost the equivalent of taking them out in the back yard and getting the garden hose out to clean him up.

Sitting down and having cuddle time has allowed for some movie catch ups though, so there is that good side, just need to get out and mow the lawn…. can I strap the pram basket to the lawn mower?

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One Month In

Sean, one month old

Here he is a month later, in that rarest of states, quiet and asleep. Life certainly has changed with Sean in our lives and it’s not an easy path to take.

Sleepless nights are becoming our norm, he loves to sleep all day long, but come 10 pm and it’s eyes wide open time, no chance of getting me settled and being allowed to have a few hours.

We are coping in the only way we can, sleep one at a time, in separate beds, different rooms. Try to alternate nights as much as we can.

Does make it a little harder on Kate as we are breast feeding as much as possible, I’ll help out with a bottle feed some nights, handy if we have a bottle of expressed boob juice in the fridge but not always possible.

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Impeccable Timing

Changing nappies, the joy of all new parents brings to itself a whole new bit of fun and games when dealing with Sean, or as he is now known around the house, Senor Stinky Pants.

He cries as his nappy is wet, normal.
We change his nappy, normal.
He wets said nappy within 2 minutes of being changed, probably normal.
We change said nappy, normal.
He poops while on the change table, clean that up, pees all over us (mostly Kate, I am yet to cop a spray)

Senor Stinky Pants delivers all this with the comical timing of an Abbott & Costello classic.

Keeps me amused in the wee hours of the morning….

Pun intended 🙂

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Share the load

We’ve been home two days now, things are ramping up in our life with the new little creature that will bring so much into our lives.

He’ll also take so much.

The decision was made when Sean was born that I would stay at the hospital full time, I want to contribute to Kate’s burden lessening as much as I can.
First point has been nappy changes, I think I have done 95% of his changes so far, and it’s something that Kate doesn’t have to worry about.

Trying to settle him down and allow her to sleep as much as possible is very important, and this 3 weeks I have off work is all about sharing that burden for as long as I can, because when I do go back to work, I’ll have very little opportunity to get time off for the next 12 months at least.

Getting up in the middle of the night to change a nappy, re-wrap him up, settle him down, or take him out to the lounge room just so Kate can grab as much sleep as she can get. We are trying to keep up with just breast feeding at the moment for as long as we can, formula has not been ruled out, but the longer we can hold out, the benefits for Sean will get only bigger.

Tiredness is hitting me a bit, but I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. But I’ll slog this out for as long as I can (next 18 years or so), it’s important for all three of us.

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Birth and Becoming a Dad

So the two previous posts I made about the impending birth of our son, Sean, on how I would react and what to do, became a non event for me.

But only in the sense that we were presented with the solution of not having that all bells panic of the surprise labour, you see the Mrs has had “morning sickness” 24/7 almost since conception.

This has led to worrying times over what to cook for dinner… NO MEAT! NO ONIONS! what is a man to live on? veges???

Kate’s little episode two weeks back led to a discussion with the OB, and due to health concerns for Kate, not Sean, he was cooking away nicely, induce time was set.

So we knew exactly when to be at the hospital, 8-8:30 on Thursday night.
all packed up and on the way in the car calmly driving to the hospital, not what you expected a few weeks back.

Nothing got kicked off that night anyway, little Sean, being the stubborn little shit like his father, decided he didn’t want to hang out down at the cervix like all good kids waiting to be born should.

So they put us up for the night and waited for the morning, where Kate was reassessed and the process started for real.

I’m not going to fill you in on all the gory details here, but Kate was an absolute champion and did her best to get the little guy out. Happy gas is a funny thing to see her on, and I’ve never been so scared for her then when I saw the look in her eyes as the epidural was applied, a fear of needles is a killer in a time like that.

But being there for her and supporting in whatever way I could, and probably not enough as I think back on it, but with a little help for the vacuum, Sean was ejected into this world at 2205 on 24/02/12.

The mark on his head will be with him for a little while, but apart from that we have a beautiful baby son, that is going to bring so much joy into our lives.

This blog really is going to start kicking off here, I have 3 weeks off work to enjoy time with my new born, then back to work for two weeks to hand over before I start in a new job on 2nd April.

But besides that little hurdle, my life is now going to be dedicated to teaching and nurturing this little person for the rest of his life.

Welcome to the adventure, Sean, strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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