Well, I’ve been very slack in my updates of Late, but not a hell of a lot to write about on the child front.

He is a little poo machine that keeps us on our toes and doesn’t like to sleep much, I’ve figured I can get him to settle best when I sit down and finally watch Firefly, 10 years late, but it’s a great show.

Whedon also did another great show just recently, The Avengers, man was that a ride and a half. First night out together without Sean, we got to see my kind of movie 🙂

Sean is 9 weeks old this past friday, we need to keep an eye on his development and record him for prosperity. Kate managed to grab a little video cam a while back for  a bargain price, but it has proven to be a crap investment when it really comes down to getting those moments captured, mainly in the sound area.
So I convinced myself to splash out on a new piece of Hardware…. finally got a Canon 5D mark II. full video recording and a full frame camera. Hoo boy!
here is a crappy starting video or two of Sean to show what it can do, mind you, I didn’t go the Mark III thankfully, Canon recalled them all due to a light leak, not a good thing on a piece of equipment worth 4K.

I did manage to change jobs in the last month, a massive move for myself that has dropped my stress levels a bucket load. It’s doing the same thing, for the same people, from a different side of the fence, with higher pay and a team behind me. Big decision, and I feel that my old boss is copping a lot of stress for himself from my leaving, but I had to look out for number one. The old boss is a great guy and it was nothing to do with him that I left.

So in the last year:
1. Married
2. Moved House
3. New Car
4. New Baby
5. New Job

Don’t know if there is much else you can do in a year without going overseas or winning lotto…. here’s hoping!

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I’m a Dad!

Welcome to the world Mr Sean Michael Fenerty, born 24.02.2012 at 10:05 PM. Here’s a quick set of pics, I’ll post up an account of what the journey was like to get him here when things have settled down a bit and not using a horrible little laptop to post on.
Proud Dad
Welcome to the world

Sean, Mum and Grandma

Weighing In

Look at that face

Tiny Feet

Mum and Bub

Head Start in life

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Watch Them Grow

A pretty important part of parenting is ensuring you capture and record your kids growth.

As a pressie to my Sister and Parents I took a photo of my Eldest niece when she was 18 months old
She’s now 7.

Her 5 year old sister also at around 18-20 months

and this little charmer is my newest Niece from the wife’s side of the family also at 20 months.


When my child is born the same will be done at the same time, plus the thousands of other snaps I will take in the process

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So I have this camera, OK, a couple of them, I just don’t make enough time to get out and use them as much as I like. This will help with that I hope, also a baby in your life, especially your own, and for me my first born will make the happy snaps flow.
These pages should inspire me to be more active, and I’ll throw up a bit of my past work as well.





This is a photo I took back in October, looking over the Clyde Refinery from Silverwater Road. I drove past this site so many times and always thought the image would look great.

I still think it does


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