Photo with Santa

Taken in San Francisco - 5/12/09

It’s been a superbly crazy week, long hours working and such with the conference and everything going on!

I am back in San Francisco for the weekend, joined by the lovely Alyssa from Texas. We spent tonight just wandering shops and seeing the sights. Tomorrow will be a heavily touristy type day though. We were in Westfield down on Market St. tonight, so I decided to get this year’s photo done with Santa there.

This is a tradition following on from the ones Mum had done of us as a child, done this for the last 5+ years 🙂

I will try and post a real update sometime soon, if not it will have to be when I return to Australia later this week. For now, it’s time for bed over here!

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Quick Update

Onsite at HQ today, so really busy with the conference for the next few days…

Here are some photos though!

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Catching up & Disney Family Museum

Yesterday was rather warm in San Francisco, somewhere between 17 and 19c. So spent most of the day without a parka on, although occasionally a cardi. After some breakfast and a smattering of work (it was still a workday in AU ><), I made my way down to Pier 39 to catch up with Scott & Kristin who drove a few hours from Davis to come keep me company 😀

We wandered around the pier, saw some pretty awesome puppets and checked out the sea lions. Then it was up to Ghirardelli Square to check out the world famous chocolate, no I didn’t buy any! (allergic and easier to buy it next weekend before I go home). Then we had some lunch at a little diner there, nom nom burgers and fries!

Then we went to the Walt Disney Family Museum. Independantly setup by his family, it follows his life and works. Kristin and I spent several hours geeking out with Scott in tow, I could easily go back there and spend days looking at everything. I especially loved all the early drawings of most of the stuff we’re familiar with and some we’re not. If you even remotely like anything by Disney, it’s well worth the visit. Adam, you would have loved all the old cameras for sure!

Byt the time we got out of there, it was heading towards 6 and they had a drive ahead of them, so we had to say goodbye 🙁

Cue some more bits of work, then a wander through the city for a few spots of shopping and some dinner at this old 50’s style diner. Not sure what it is with American’s obsession to put chips (fries) with everything, I ordered a toasted sanger (sandwich) and they put fries with it O_o


Here are few photos from yesterday:

Work today though, off to flickr this morning and heading to Sunnyvale this afternoon!

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Wandering in San Francisco

About 5:30pm last night, I decided to go for a wander around the area near my hotel.

It’s a big holiday shopping weekend for post-Thanksgiving sales, so the streets were full of people and all stores open until 10pm. They are apparently open that late again tonight. Picked up a few things, mainly Baby Gap stuff for my sister.

Here are a few photos from the evening…

Ended the evening with a quick stop at a local cafe for a steak, baked potato and salad. Then back to the hotel to relax and sleep!

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