Holy shit I’m a Mum

Sean by kehkat
Sean a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

We had a bit of a secret the last week or so, Sean was arriving a few weeks earlier than planned after my OB decided to induce me at 37 weeks due to my health.

So here he is – Sean Michael! Sean after Adam’s great-uncle and Michael after my Dad.

He was born at 10:05pm Friday night after I was induced around 9am on Friday morning.

Stats as follows:
Head – 35cm
Length – 49cm
Weight – 3.198kg

Anyhow, it’s almost 1am and we’ve been up late the last few nights, so it’s time for bed. Will blog again in a few days once we’re home from the hospital, or maybe before, we did bring our wireless net and netbook with us!

Now to get some sleep in before we’re woken up by the bub 🙂

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Wedding: Hair Trial

Rear view w/ veilRear viewSide viewSide view w/ veil

Hair Trial, a set on Flickr.

Early Sunday, I traipsed over to my sister’s at Botany (via Mum’s to retrieve Zara where she’d been having a sleepover with Grandma) for my wedding hair trial.

We are using the same hair and makeup artist that my sister used for her wedding back in 2007.

I am definitely not a girly girl, so I was kind of apprehensive about the whole thing – I’d rather not even wear a dress on the day! I am a bit of a tomboy, so preening and primping always makes me fairly uneasy.

For the past year I’ve been under instruction from my sister to grow my hair & fringe out (even though I look like a complete dork with nothing over my forehead!) and my hairs really thick so I get some lovely headaches on occasion.

I dutifully printed out some pictures that met with the aforementioned sister’s approval and faced the music so to speak. I decided to try and relax and just let the hairdresser do what she could with my unruly mop and I was pleasantly surprised. She took my wish to have something across some part of my forehead, the vague pictures and ideas we had and managed to pull it off.

So here are some photos my sister took with the veil on and off of the end result – it will look way neater on the day. I am a bit amazed my hair even could do all of that, usually it just fluffs up and goes nuts whenever I try to do anything with it!

Thoughts? Gripes? Let me know what you think!!

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