Vege Garden

Green Thumbs Pt 2

As promised here are some progress shots of the Vege Garden
Back Section
The blank canvas

Some of the temp plantings to start off the growth.
We have Chilis (not shown), Cos lettuce, Passionfruit, Tomatoes, Rosemary, Mint, Oregano, Tarragon, Basil, Zucchini and Cucumber.

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Green Thumbs

Today, after another trip to Bunnings, I made the start on my new Vege patch, or pot plant version so far.

You see, we have moved into this new house which has a massive backyard, and the back section looks like it used to be a Vege Patch.

I aim to revitalise that area as a new one.
I previously had a Chili patch at a share house, and they went ballistic, but the Mrs. isn’t a big fan of hot stuff. So a few choice tomato plants, a couple of lettuce, Zucchini and Cucumbers shall be the starting point of the new batch.

A vege patch is something for the kids to get involved in when they are a bit older, and having those fresh fruit and veges to pick while wandering around in the backyard is a great little treat.

I’ll update the progress as it moves along, will have to start with a before photo of the great jungle that it is, until the poison I picked up today kicks in 🙂

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Bunnings, a playground for young and old

I went to Bunnings tonight, needed a few things to get this move organised and a couple of extra things that a man should have, like a shovel, you never know….

But it got me thinking, is this not a playground that a man and his child should enjoy together, wandering through the hardware, the tools, the paints, the nails, even the plants (Chili plants being my favourite 🙂 )

The things you can show, teach, build together is all there within this massive storage shed of fun, and they do sausage sizzles on a weekend, perfect excuse for a trip down to potter around imo.

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