Busy busy!

With just 4 sleeps until the wedding, I’ve been really busy this week!

Regular blogging shall resume next week 😉

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2 weeks to go!

We’re now down to two weeks to until the wedding.

I think we’re fairly well organised now, just a few little things like the bonbonniere to get done. So we’re fairly well ready to go!

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Point + Shoot: Surprise Hens Party

I was meant to be babysitting my niece Zara on Saturday or so I thought!

I’d gotten into my oldest pair of jeans, wearing a “Little Miss” t-shirt and planned to have a good play session with my niece… I certainly wasn’t expecting to rock up and find it was actually my hen’s party!

Needless to say, I was definitely surprised!

Attendees: My Mum, my aunt Anne, my sister and matron of honour Sharon, my bridesmaid Jacqueline, Elayne who is the wife of my baseball coach and has known me forever, my friend Elsie who had come all the way from Tamworth, as well as my sister’s best friend Liz and her gorgeous 2 week old daughter Annabelle.

Here’s a very embarrassed me:

We played a few different games…

  • Pin the Star Trek communicator on Captain Kirk, trust my sister to come up with that one.
  • Who know’s me best…
  • How well do I know Adam…

The company was awesome and the spread put on by my sister and Mum, perfect. Mum made sure there was plenty of gluten-free goodies and touchingly, things I’ve been craving like Twisties.

Zara stole the show all afternoon, here are a few shots of her…


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Relief is at hand!

Photo by BrittneyBush.

So I’ve been going a bit mental the past week or so… The additional dress I bought via eBay in the UK in order to modify my own, was taking forever to arrive and we’re now 4 weeks out from the wedding.

Little did I know there has actually been a bit of an ongoing mail strike in the UK the past eight weeks or so. The seller has been fantastic and putting up with all my strange questions thankfully. It was sent last month, so you can understand why I’ve been getting antsy.

I received word from Mum that the dress finally arrived this morning, so I can breathe a bit easier!

Now all that remains is to find someone willing to fix my dress up in the next 3 weeks 😀

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5 weeks!

This time in 5 weeks, I’ll be having my hair done and be getting ready to have my makeup applied!

That’s right, it’s now only 5 weeks until my wedding, time is quite literally flying.

There are still so many things to get organised… outstanding rsvp’s, bonbonniere, my dress needs to be altered, decide if we want a band/dj/ipod and so many other little details!

Hopefully everything will be ok on the day, it’s stressing me out!

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