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Coffee in Tas by kehkat
Coffee in Tas a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

We’re home safely from our weekend jaunt to Tasmania, having spent a few days with Adam’s family in Launceston. Headed down Saturday, coming back yesterday afternoon. It was a tad freezing down there too!

This is about the only photo I took on this trip, usually we have the cameras out taking plenty of pictures of Adam’s gorgeous nieces, but we were more focused on relaxing with the family. It’s a huge coffee mug almost the size of a soup bowl, that we had with our breakfast down at Launceston’s Sea Port yesterday. It was good!

One thing we did get organised though was the flower girl dresses. I’m very excited, Adam’s Mum is a fantastic sewer. They are to be a pale blue with a bit of a twirly skirt for the girls – they had watched the royal wedding and are extremely excited about being flower girls I must say. I can’t wait to see all three girls in their dresses on the day: Adam’s two nieces and Zara.

Now I’m off to plough my way through a few loads of washing!

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It’s the simple things…

It's the simple things... by kehkat
It’s the simple things… a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

Last night, we had a family dinner at my brother’s place.

He’s off to sea for 6 weeks on HMAS Newcastle, we’re off to Tasmania this weekend, my sister and her family just got back from overseas. So it was a good excuse to get together, especially as we missed out on the annual Mother’s Day lunch/dinner. Unfortunately my cousin Liz had to work, my fiance Adam is stuck in Queensland with work and my brother-in-law Jack is over in Mongolia currently for work. So whilst not everyone was able to make it, we made do.

We got to check out all the photos from the overseas trips. My brother Brendan traveled with my sister Sharon and her hubby to Jordan and Petra, then headed off to France for ANZAC Day whilst they went on to Lebanon. So many beautiful places I want to go now!

Zara as usual was the highlight of the evening and kept us in fits of laughter. She was overjoyed when she discovered this cardboard box and spent well over an hour being dragged about, climbing in and out of it. Until she split the sides that is, but even then it served to amuse her. Boxes are the best!

I also tried on my wedding dress for the first time in months! It got the tick of approval from everyone, and we’re agreed that the Hush Puppies I bought a few weeks ago will suffice. And seriously, who is going to be looking at my feet any way? Thankfully the dress fits although it does need to be taken up, especially as I will be wearing flats. I have lost a fair bit of weight (yay!) but I think I’m going to look at some underwear that will give me a smoother line and pull me in just that little bit more. Any suggestions?

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Save the date postcard

Save the date postcard by kehkat
Save the date postcard a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

Just a quick shot of our “Save the Date” postcard that we have sent out to the family and some of our friends for the wedding.

I got these through Moonpig, a fantastic online Australian card service.

The idea behind these was mainly for our friends and family overseas to be aware of the wedding and give them time to start organising any travel they needed to.

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Wedding update

So just over 8 months until the wedding…. 8 months & 2 weeks, but who’s counting 😉

Slowly getting ourselves organised. Church and reception are locked in, I’ve got my dress and the bridesmaids dresses, and we’re starting to look at guest lists – man we know way too many people, and that’s before we get to extended friends 🙁

I found these gorgeous custom stamps on Etsy yesterday, I think they will be perfect for place cards and on envelopes and other things! So mine will say Adam and Katherine with the date, can’t wait to get it!!

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