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First Cake Day of 2012

In my office, we celebrate all the birthdays during x month with lots of cake!

People have to get up, say how old they are, when their birthday is and what they are doing/did to celebrate the anniversary of their birth. Oh and then the entire company sings happy birthday to them, it’s really quite embarrassing but in a good way. That being said, I have been known to be incredibly difficult to find or working from home when April Cake Day rolls around 😉

They also give out service awards – champers for 1 year, dinner for 3 years and a gumball machine for 5 years. I got mine last August.

I especially love cake day, as they always make sure to order the most awesome gluten-free chocolate mud cake for people like me! 🙂

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Day 16’s theme is “morning”.

What better way to showcase morning than the way I spend it 5 days a week!

I start the day at work with a small skim piccolo, sometimes decaf and sometimes not. If I can manage something to eat, it’s either vegmite toast or a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. It takes a while for my laptop to fully load, so I can usually consume my breakfast in peace.

Want to play along? Why not join in the Photo A Day Challenge for January 2012!

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Daily routine

Day 9’s theme is “daily routine”.

Now I could really bore you with photos of my coffee, my shower, brekkie and the like… but I thought perhaps the view I get to see daily when I’m at work might be a bit more interesting 😉

This was taken a while back but the view is still the same, sometimes just different weather and more boats.


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Office Christmas

Finance teamLifestyle teamHr fishyJustin in the iglooAd Tech's igloo!Ad Tech in their igloo!
Ad Tech in their igloo!Company xmas treeSalesSalesSalesKiss Bieber?
Sales areaNews teamPR areaUED's FireplaceSales areaY! Cupcakes
CupcakesRAR!TV TeamGelato anyone?

Y! Xmas Down Under 2011, a set on Flickr.

Since it’s Boxing Day and everyone’s still in the Christmas mood, here’s a bunch of photos I took at work last week of our various office decorations and celebrations.

Every year, each section is encouraged to decorate their area with the prize usually being a lovely lunch out somewhere for the team and so on, so we get some very unique decorations!

I think my favourite is the Ad Tech Team’s igloo made out of white and clear balloons!

Does your work go as crazy as we do at Christmas time?

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