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Defective office!

Our office was without AC earlier in the week on a 37C day… it was over 40C inside, cooler to actually go outside. That was a REALLY crappy day, especially being 5.5 months pregnant!

Today’s fun is no water… none in the taps, none in the bathrooms. We have to leave the office in order to go or wash our hands… murder for a pregnant lady with a full bladder!


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Keeping cool at work

Mango chiller by kehkat
Mango chiller a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

It’s a warm Spring day here in Sydney, roughly 27°C with a high of 29°C in the CBD – probably worse where we live out west though.

And I was right, just checked the weather near home – 35.6°C currently. Better off at work in the blessed air conditioning… when it’s working properly. Our heritage wharves have the AC run by sea power, so they frequently screw up in summer. One upside is all the free ice cream though 😉

My new desk at work is right under the tin roof, so it really is noticeable when it’s hot out. So in order to cool down, I toddled off and bought myself a mango chiller, kind of like a mango slurpee but way yummier. I have also been craving these like crazy the past few weeks. At least it’s healthier than twisties!

How do you cool off at work?

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5 years at Y!

5 years at Y! by kehkat
5 years at Y! a photo by kehkat on Flickr.

Every month at work, they have cakes for everyone who has a birthday that month; as well as service awards for anyone who has their annual anniversary with the company during said month.

Last week was my turn!

I received a gumball machine for my 5 years here which was pretty cool, although it’s closer to 6 but I was a contractor for the first while before I was made permanent.

First years get a bottle of bubbly, 3 years gets you a meal for 2 on the company, 5 a gumball machine. Now I just need to make ten and get the coffee machine! 15 years is a foosball table, I’m a fair ways off that one though 😉

I already actually own a gumball machine, inherited during one of the many desk moves. So rather than unpack my new one, here’s a shot of my old one.

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Raining in the office!

…in the office!

We got evacuated after a fire alarm, part of the fire system is to open the roof up in our offices which are in an old wharf. It was wet out, but not overly, so once the all-clear was given we went back to what we had been doing before the evacuation. About five minutes passed, then it started raining.

Apparently they were unable to close the roof, so in the rain came!

In the end, we were sent home for safety as they turned all the electricals off to be safe. There was no major damage, just a lot of water to mop up and a lot of photos 🙂

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Cake Day!

Cake Day at work is quite the occasion.

Once a month, they get cakes in for afternoon tea and celebrate all the birthdays of staff that month. Everyone must get up and state their name, area, what they plan to do for their birthday and so forth. It’s also a tad embarrassing, as the eyes of the entire company are upon you… I’ve managed to be elsewhere every April for the past 3 years 😉

I also love Cake Day, as it’s the only day each month I get to indulge my love of chocolate. HR are great in making sure everyone can celebrate, including people with allergies like me. So every month on Cake Day, I get to have a slice of the lovely Gluten Free Mud Cake you can see above. It is seriously divine!

Do you have a similar day at your work? What’s your favourite type of cake?

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